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The all2all team

The all2all team is composed of 4 services: contact, support, billing and a development department.


If you like to receive commercial information, need to ask for a quotation or want to establish a work estimation, please send a message to:


If you need help with the technical aspects of your hosting, please send a message to the support team. One single address:

PGP Fingerprint Jens-Ingo: C6F1 CEB8 E71B E9F5 7AB1 8E5B 7338 708C B8E2 4453

Download Jens-Ingo's contact details for your address book in vCard.


For all your problems concerning billing, annulation or renewal of contracts, for new orders and for dns registrations, please contact our responsable, at :


For information about open-source development, debugging of your applications or programming of middleware, the team leader is Johan, you can contact him at this address:

PGP Fingerprint Johan: 160E 4793 C73F 2A75 05F6 9B3F 9630 8DF8 7A65 D629